Transitional Care Medicine Other

Transitional Care Medicine refers to the coordination and continuity of health care during movement from one healthcare setting to another.  We recognize that many patients with complex needs are at risk for readmission to the hospital,  due to medication errors, and errors of communication with family or caregivers.  Under the direction of Dr. Jason Shatkin, our stellar transitional care team is led by Jennifer Porco, MSN, RN, APN-C and Elizabeth Drehwing, MSN, RN, APN-C, who work closely with patients, providers and social workers to ensure a smooth transition to the home from the subacute care setting.

PSONJ works only with the best 5 star facilities in Bergen County and that includes Dellridge, Van Dyke Rehab facility, and Care One Ridgewood Avenue.  In addition to coordinating the care, the PSONJ team takes excellent care of the patients in the facility and offers full advocacy and communication with family members at a time when patients and caregivers are feeling most vulnerable.