Insomnia Tips

DON’T LISTEN to the general lay press about how many hours you need to sleep a night!!!! That leads to worry and pressure about sleep, which leads to anxiety. You eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty…..well go to sleep when you’reĀ ?sleepy. Many people do just fine on 5 hours of sleep for a short period of time.

Keep a regular wake time and stick to it, for 7 days a week.
Exercise before 7 PM!!!!

If intrusive thoughts threaten your sleep…”Do not go there” becomes your mantra. Remember. You never really solve problems laying in bed aggravated at 2AM.

These are just a couple of quick insomnia tips. Check back periodically for more suggestions about Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Medicine.

Jason Shatkin D. ABSM. D. ABIM